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Red Bank Charter School
 PreK through Eighth Grade School

58 Oakland Street,  Red Bank, NJ  07701 
Office: 732-450-2092    Fax: 732-936-1923
Academic Programs

Language Arts Literacy

Our comprehensive curriculum pays attention to the development, application, and assessment of the essential literacy skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. This approach has been associated with improved student achievement and is in line with the Common Core Curriculum Standards for Language Arts Literacy.

At RBCS we challenge students to achieve the highest levels of proficiency in these areas through the following activities:


  • Instruction in skills and strategies for reading nonfiction and fiction
  • Guided reading groups
  • Shared reading
  • Literature circles
  • Independent reading
  • Literacy centers
  • Teacher read aloud
  • Classroom and school libraries


  • Writer's workshop
  • Instruction in skills and strategies through mini-lessons
  • Instruction in various forms and types of writing
  • Instruction in mechanics, usage, and grammar
  • Development and use of rubrics to assess students' writing
  • Portfolios


  • Integrated throughout the curriculum

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all of our children read and write proficiently and imaginatively. This is well within our reach. Teachers at all grade levels administer the Diagnostic Reading Assessment (DRA) to our students. This provides teachers with the necessary information to meet each individual child's needs.

Once our children learn to read, then they read to learn. In the upper grades we focus on reading both fiction and non-fiction text for understanding. Becoming a proficient reader of non-fiction helps our students in all subject areas.

Extensive teacher training in Writing Workshop has enabled our students to become accomplished authors across all curricular areas. The development and use of rubrics to assess students' work has allowed our teachers to focus on each child's specific needs.


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