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Red Bank Charter School
 PreK through Eighth Grade School

58 Oakland Street,  Red Bank, NJ  07701 
Office: 732-450-2092    Fax: 732-936-1923


Developing children's thinking starts with instruction that helps build on and strengthen their intuitive thinking so they will have a strong conceptual understanding of mathematics. At RBCS, we focus on the mathematical skills we teach and on how children think about these ideas. This is accomplished through an investigative, hands-on approach to mathematics.

Early math instruction allows the child to actively construct number concepts and place value foundations and applications. This is the basis for students who are engaged in their lessons and who have the strong foundation for their own mathematics.

Components of our program include:

  • Manipulatives
  • Composite portfolios documenting ongoing investigations
  • Linkage to real world applications
  • Interdisciplinary links
  • Story problems
  • Problem solving
  • Journaling
  • Technology
1st Curriculum          
2nd Curriculum          
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